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Acting Assessments

Critical Acclaim

Valery has incredible charisma and screen presence. When she is on screen, you can’t take your eyes off her.  

Pavan Grover, Director of 97 Minutes starring Alec Baldwin

Valery is an extremely talented actress and a delight to work with. Creative, committed and brave.

Graham Birch, Director, Saint Halo Productions

Apart from her talent, the time I had worked with Valery. I saw that she had a complete understanding of her character. She was able to enrich her character and add a lot of personality to it. Her emotional intelligence makes her able to play fun, but also complex characters. She is also fun and reliable on set.

Andrea Maria Catinella, Director, Island of the Dolls

Working with Valery is a dream. Not only did she play her part well, she also acted as choreographer for our dance scene

Andy Edwards, Director, Cinderella's Revenge

The working relationship between Director and Actor is critical to the success of any film. Valery is not only a supremely talented actor but is also a total professional and creative contributor to the overall production.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Valery on a feature length film over the last Two years.

When she arrives on set,  she's always on time, fully prepared with an infectious energy that lifts the room.

Valery has an extraordinary range that takes in everything from comedy-character to nuanced dramatic roles.

Flexible, adaptive and imaginative,  she takes direction then comes back with 3 interpretations of the scene you’d never even thought of!

Highly recommended.

Jude Allen, Director, Frog Films TV

Valery is not just beautiful,  but very complying and hard working actress. She understands the assignments very well."

Pravash Limbu, Bad Idea Productions

Valery was committed and willing to collaborate through all of production on a very tight schedule. Offering a wide range of skills in performance and contortion.

Lewis Adam, Lewis Adam Productions

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