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About me

My Bio

I express emotional power through visual & performing forms of art and have the ability to see deep into a script and find out what feelings are required.


When I don't use my voice I tell the story through dance and when I can't talk or move I silently speak on canvas.


I create multiverse realities for creative people around the world in my company Pigeon Tours  providing unusual special-interest experiences of London and UK.

Creating has always been my lifestyle. I love creating art, both paintings and sculpture, write stories, make stage clothes and design unusual historical adventures.

"Valery is an extremely talented actress and a delight to work with. Creative, committed and brave."

Graham Birch, Director, Saint Halo Productions

My Qualifications

Career Prior to acting

CEO of Pigeon Tours Ltd
BA and MA degree in Journalism

5 languages including English

Worked for political organisations and international schools in Europe


Royal Academic of Dramatic Arts 2019

Instinctual Acting 2020 - 2023

Get in touch to learn more about my path to becoming a professional Actor.

"Acting is not about being famous, it's about exploring the human soul"

Annette Benning, Hollywood actress


Physical Attributes


89 - 64 - 93 cm or 35 - 25 - 36 inches


165 cm or 5 ft 5 inches


White caucasian


I have brown eyes, long brown hair and an athletic physique


I have a mix of Ukrainian, Mediterranean, Balkan, Ashkenazi Jewish and Tatar heritage.

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