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5 tips for finding a perfect filming location

You need to find a location that will compliment your script? Follow these tips to make this happen. Searching for the right location is similar to searching for love. There are numerous locations out there but only one that will be filmed for the scene. It needs to match your script, tell a story and enhance the power of your project. Basically, to tick everything on the list. 1. Know you script First of all, you have to know your script. What do you see when you read it? Is it an early morning at the drawing room in a Victorian wood-scented mansion or maybe it's an afternoon at the private garden with ivy sprawled across the ancient white-stone wall? What photos will compliment the scene most? Search photos on Pinterest and send us as a reference so we can match your vision with awesome locations that are available for filming. 2. Evoke emotions The location you choose should bring emotions. If it brings emotions to you, it will engage the viewer as well. However remember that location is a background for your film. It should compliment your story but not outshine your characters, unless it is done on purpose. 3. Make it comfortable When you are working long hours your environment should be comfortable, happy and friendly. Make sure that the location has bathrooms, power outlets, parking space, space for equipment and hotels nearby to place your actors and crew. 4. Audio is essential When you are making a video you have to pay attention to the noises that might ruin your shoot. If your film is set in the 18th century but you can hear distant cars rumbling it is not helpful unless your movie is about time-travellers. Interrupting the shoot makes the process stressful both for actors and crew, when they have to make multiple cuts. If you film outside it has to be a quiet place preferably surrounded by trees that are natural noise barriers. 5. Film permission London is one of the friendliest cities for filming, therefore its much loved by productions all over the world. However it might take you up to a few weeks to obtain permission for filming in public spaces. Need any help for finding a perfect location? Contact me and I will match your script to the perfect place :)

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