Valery Danko

An actress, presenter, dancer and model
Intelligence, elegance and enthusiasm.

I am passionate about acting and dancing professionally for reputable companies.


"Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships?..."

Faustus, from Christopher Marlowe's play of the same name (1604)


Recent Developments

Headlines and Stories


Filming: 'The World Stripped Bare'

Perimetr Films is making a film about how the financial services industry in the City of London is damaging our environment and undermining social welfare and economic well-being. 

I am its star taking many different roles. I have so far shot 3 scenes in Kiev. We plan to shoot more soon in London and Kiev. 

For more information visit

Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island

I went to Easter Island last year and filmed for three documentary films. This one is about the history of Easter Island. I interview James Grant-Peterkin.

This film is now available on vimeo or via Perimetr films (see link below)


Valery Danko Films

Valery Danko Discovers series

Below are trailers for Valery Danko Discovers: Energy from Space; and Valery Danko Discovers Japan: the Samurai. These films are pending more shooting once Covid-19 allows easier travel.






Contact Details

Email me today.

Valery Danko, Executive Broadcaster & Actress, C/O Perimetrfilms & the Future of Energy College, 3rd Floor, 207 Regents Street, London W1B 3HH

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'You were born with love and you were born with joy. That’s inside. It’s always there.'

Dr Edith Eger, Writer

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