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Presenter, artist, burlesque/aerial performer, City of Westminster Tour guide, writer, costume designer.

I am passionate about acting and dancing professionally in appealing projects.

I was born in a family of fashion industry experts in Kyiv, Ukraine and lived in Shanghai, Prague and Ponta Delgada. Currently I'm based in London.

This year I will be starring in the thriller "97 minutes" where I worked alongside Alec Baldwin and Jonathan Rhys Meyers,

as well as in the period drama "Final 45" and the documentary "The World Stripped Bare".


Recent Developments

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Filming: 'The World Stripped Bare'

Perimetr Films is making a film about how the financial services industry in the City of London is damaging our environment and undermining social welfare and economic well-being. 

For more information visit 

97 minutes

It was a great time starring alongside Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, MyAnna Burring, Kasia Koleszek, Slavko Sobin and my classmates from the acting school Davor Tomic and Luke J I Smith.


Behind the scenes


Valery Danko Films

Valery Danko Discovers series

Below are trailers for Valery Danko Discovers: Energy from Space; and Valery Danko Discovers Japan: the Samurai. These films are pending more shooting once Covid-19 allows easier travel.






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'You were born with love and you were born with joy. That’s inside. It’s always there.'

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