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Valery Danko Discovers Energy from Space

The Story of Space Solar Power

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Interviewer & Presenter

The role of presenter and interviewer

In acting one has to learn lines, but in presenting and interviewing the trick is to listen.  This story is one where I have to do a lot of listening.

I have travelled to see some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Firstly I interviewed Michael Loweth, of Oxford Space systems. He obligingly showed me technology that is top secret, and I am sworn to secrecy not to reveal it by my employer, Perimetrfilms.  Secondly, I interviewed the amazing Naoki Shinohara, a Professor of Kyoto University, in his microwave experimental lab in Japan.

Travelling to Japan was a huge experience. The only way to get there quickly is from Paris. After a very long flight I suffered from some post-travel sickness. However it was well worthwhile.

When being an interviewer the trick is to ask the questions and stay as silent as possible for the answers. One can occasionally nod or say things to help the person. Michael Loweth said that I helped to relax him and allowed him the ability to demonstrate his technology.