Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island

A History of Rapa Nui

A documentary film


Interviewer & Presenter

The role of presenter and interviewer

In 2019 I travelled to Chile from London. Then caught a second flight to Easter Island. There I was using my acting skills as a presenter.

I was there to present a film I had co-written and to discover the history of Easter Island, learn about plastic pollution and obtain evidence of why Space Solar Power might be a useful technology to this remotest of all places on Earth.

One is arguably closer to population centres when in orbit in the International Space Station than on Easter Island. Few islands, perhaps with the exception of Pitcairn and Hawaii can claim similar.

This film is about the history of Easter Island. When I first saw my work I wanted to see more, as I had also filmed a beautiful set of videos about plastic pollution. However, the producer decided to make a film specifically about the history of Easter Island to start with.

I really enjoyed working as a presenter on Easter Island despite the wind! I also loved interviewing our specialist, James Grant-Peterkin.

The other films will follow. I hope therefore you enjoy my film about the history of Rapa Nui.


Valery Danko Discovers Easter Island

A History of Rapa Nui

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